Our Approach

We believe in 6 fundamental working principles:




We facilitate complex co-creation processes to get from word to actions and practices.


We work systematically and consciously with a co-creation mind-set to improve citizen’s personal transitions, e.g. teenagers’ graduation from high school, children transiting from child care to primary school and young inmates rehabilitating into life without crime.


We believe in the positive dynamics relating to learning from solutions that already exist instead of inventing new things and practices.


We build capacity among employees, leaders and citizens in order for them to facilitate change processes themselves.


We work systematically and consciously with action-learning, so knowledge can be transformed into new practices through experiments and reflexion.


We use tools and methodologies that are internationally recognised within innovation, co-creation, facilitation and change leadership, e.g. positive deviance

see: http://www.positivedeviance.org,

service design, facilitation and knowledge sharing techniques

see: http://www.liberatingstructures.com

Win - Welfare Improvement Network, E-mail: lars.thuesen@win-org.eu, Mobil: +45 3153 3393, CVR nr. 25 70 82 96